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Every diamond is unique. Every Diamond reflects the story of its beautiful journey from deep inside the earth, a cherished object of adornment. All diamonds share certain features that allow us to compare and evaluate them.


These features are called the 4Cs

Diamond-Cut is the most important property to increase its beauty because a well-cut 

The diamond reflects light to maximize the brilliance of the stone. 

A Diamond`s Cut describes the outline of the stone and the pattern of the facet arrangement.

Diamonds found in all colors of the rainbow, from colorless and transparent stones to ink 

Black ones. Varying degrees of yellow or brown color is common in most of the diamonds and 

 A slight difference in color can make a substantial difference in value. A truly colorless diamond is extremely rare and considered the most valuable. The color scale goes from D to Z, with D being the most white and Z being the most yellow.