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SDG Diamonds are your trusted source for engagement rings in Dallas. Buying an engagement ring is a purchase that will hold a lifetime of memories!
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you can choose a unique combination of metals, diamond shape, and settings to create the ideal engagement ring for your beloved.

A Diamond’s shape is the most important property to increase its beauty. The cut affects the way light bounces off a diamond’s facets and adds or subtracts the amount of “sparkle” or brilliance your diamond will show. There are several things affecting diamond cuts, such as partisanship and design.
Find the right diamond shape with our diamond expert, for your Sparkling Engagement Rings in Dallas!

round engagement ring

Round Engagement Rings

Round brilliant-cut diamonds are the industry’s best-selling shape, especially for engagement rings. More than two-thirds of all diamonds sold around the world are round brilliant

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Pear-shaped diamond Ring

The pear-shaped diamond is also called the “teardrop diamond” The pear-shaped diamond ring is a combination of round brilliant and marquise cuts. Pear-shaped diamonds are

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We can customize any kinds of custom ring order. Send us the design and we will make the exact piece of jewelry for you! We can make any kinds of matching band, Need to replace your diamond or upgraded? Call us, we can help!