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the best oval diamond engagement rings in Dallas

Engagement is nothing without a Ring! With so many options, prospective grooms may feel overwhelmed. Different cuts and styles are sparkling everywhere. As a result, oval engagement rings are trending among grooms. Oval engagement rings are one of the most sold today because they look beautiful and shiny.

The mystique surrounding the “oval” diamond is as enthralling as the stone itself. A Russian diamond cutter polished and expanded the standard of a round diamond in the 1960s. Lazare Kaplan worked as a jeweler. He could make even imperfect diamonds look valuable.

Despite Kaplan’s cutting ability, he was not popular. It wasn’t until he invented the classic modern oval cut that things changed. As a result, the oval-shaped diamond is well-known for its beauty.

Sparkling Engagement Ring  for Your Future Bride

Oval diamonds look best engagement rings than round ones. Even though they have equal carat weight, oval diamonds have become more famous. For example, a 1.00-carat oval diamond is 10% larger than a 1.00-carat round diamond. The stunning oval engagement rings are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very alluring.

Oval cut rings blend the timeless elegance of a round cut. A princess cut’s royal flair creates a ring fit for your soon-to-be bride. The wearer deserves an oval engagement ring’s uniqueness, elegance, and brilliance. The great ring and the man of her dreams will make the future bride happy.

 Buying Tips

  • There are many different ways to cut an oval diamond. It changes depending on what you choose. The ratio of an excellent oval-cut diamond is between 1.30 and 1.50.
  • Choose a stone with good polish and shape to get a brilliant shine—for example, oval diamonds with a depth percentage between 58 and 62%. The ideal also has a table percentage between 53% and 63%.
  • Choose a store that has a good name. Make sure you have an actual engagement ring from a reputable jewelry store.

Final Say

There’s no doubt about how much oval-cut diamond engagement rings are worth. Oval engagement rings have become more prevalent in recent years. Women with long, thin fingers look beautiful with oval-cut diamond rings. Many jewelry stores are perfect for specific needs. Unique and expensive jewelry might not be available online. So, going to the stores you like could give you more choices that match your desires.

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