The best One of a Kind Marquise Diamond Ring

A Marquise-cut diamond has always been around. Its elegant shape has won people’s hearts for centuries. As a result, making it a classic piece of design. There are many names for the Marquise diamond, such as “boat-shaped” and “football-shaped.” The benefit of this diamond cut is that it makes your fingers appear longer and thinner.

A marquee diamond ring is one of the best ways to show your love. The marquee diamond has over 60 facets, which makes it beautiful and sensual for many women. For this reason, many people say that they look for engagement rings with this cut.

The marquee Cut

The Marquise Diamond cut is a unique diamond shape from the 1970s. In the 1800s, two people worked together to make the Marquise-cut diamond. King Louis XV of France and Jean Antoinette Poisson met at a masquerade ball in Versailles. They were both dressed as plants. Marquise de Pompadour was the main mistress of King Louis XV. She is better known as Madame de Pompadour.

She was a talented artist who held a high position in King Louis’ court. King Louis requested a diamond cut that looked like his wife’s lips. It leads to the creation of the Marquise cut. Since then, people who wear a Marquise cut diamond have had some great times.

The Allure of Marquise Diamond Ring

You should choose a Marquise diamond based on how narrow or wide you want it to be. The classic Marquise cut has a length-to-width ratio of 1.75 to 2.15. When it comes to Marquise cuts, symmetry is fundamental. The right and left sides should be identical and aligned. Minor differences in the position of the points can significantly impact the final configuration. As a result, it is critical to have significant or perfect symmetry.

Two famous personalities have worn the stunning Marquise diamond engagement rings, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham are singers and fashion designers. But, of course, choosing the best setting for a diamond comes down to personal preference. But some mounts show off the stone’s brilliance better than others.

Last but not least, SDG Diamonds is looking forward to making memories with you. The company offers a stunning Marquise diamond ring perfectly designed for a beautiful bride. Only Marquise diamond rings have the right amount of fullness and brilliant flair.

Extra Presence One of A kind Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Henry Grossbard, a master gem cutter in New York, made the first Radiant cut diamond in 1977. But it didn’t do very well. Then, after a few years, it became a big hit. During the 1980s, brilliant cuts, like the radiant cut, became more popular. Jewelers were in high demand for this rare cutting style at the time because it was hard to do.

They are still popular today. Many grooms choose the Radiant cut engagement rings to propose to their future brides.

What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

When looking for an engagement ring, Radiant-cut rings are a great choice. Perfect for those who want an emerald-cut diamond. You can get the sparkle of a brilliant round cut with the modern elegance of a square or rectangle shape. For curious, radiant-cut diamonds have eight sides.

A Radiant cut, shaped like a square or rectangle. It has a brilliant-cut design on the crown and pavilion. Radiant cut diamonds are some of the cheapest diamond shapes you can buy anywhere in the world. Radiant cut diamonds come in different sizes, colors, and clarity levels.

What to Consider When Buying Radiant Cut Engagement Rings?

What to think about when buying Radiant cut engagement rings? First, ensure the proportions are right, whether you choose a square or a rectangle. Experts say that the standard size of a rectangular radiant is 1.25. But values between 1.20 and 1.30 will be the ideal range to ask your jeweler. The best ratio of a square-shaped Radiant-cut is 1.00.

Then, if you want to shine, you should use an open-prong setting. It is because it will help the light bounce around better. You can dress up your dazzling by putting fancy-shaped stones in a halo around it. The Radiant cut makes a versatile diamond that is great for everyday use. If you choose a larger radiant cut diamond, choose a setting with six prongs or a bezel for the most security.

Final Say

Sparkling Radiant cut engagement rings can serve as inspiration. Visit Sparkling Diamonds, a trusted jewelry store in Dallas. Discover the ideal ring for your bride by getting ideas from our selections of engagement rings. Because we understand the importance of your proposal, you are welcome to talk with us about your preferences. Sparkling Diamonds will do our best to get you the engagement ring of your dreams!

The Best Round Engagement Rings In Dallas

You may be familiar with the round engagement rings because you may have seen a friend get married. Many choose an engagement ring with the center stone, a round-cut diamond. Round diamonds with a brilliant cut are the most robust shape available.

Also, the round diamond is well-known. It has been relevant for decades because of its classic, symmetrical shape. Due to their popularity, jewelry stores worldwide, ultimately sold them out. Round brilliant-cut diamonds accounted for more than two-thirds of the sale.

Round diamonds have 58 facets. It helps reflect light and show off the fire and brightness of the stone. So, Round diamonds look bigger and more brilliant than jewels of any other shape.

How to Choose the Best  Engagement Rings?

A marriage proposal is one of the first unforgettable moments for the couple. When this event happens, the ring is the focal point. Choosing an engagement ring may be challenging yet thrilling. You are searching for the ideal engagement ring for your future wife.

Men most frequently give their significant others, engagement rings when proposing marriage. But how can you select the most suitable round engagement ring? Here are the essential considerations when buying one.

  • Try to find a diamond with a high degree of brightness. It is also known as BRILLIANCE due to the white light’s many internal and external reflections. You can see more details when the light isn’t on the object.
  • The so-called “FIRE” is another element to look for when buying a round diamond cut engagement ring. A combination of red, blue, yellow, or orange flashes as you move it around under the store lights. It happens when white light goes through the diamond and breaks up into all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Examine the diamond for “SPARKLE,” or the pinpoints of light that move when you do.
    • Always choose a GIA grade Round diamond for your engagement ring.
  •  Engagement Ring Purchased from Sparkling Diamonds

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The Best Custom Princess Cut Engagement Ring in Dallas

Princess-cut stone in an engagement ring is elegant and will never go out of style. A princess cut diamond is a valuable square rock with sharp corners and a flat bottom. When seen from an angle, it looks like a pyramid. The length-to-width ratio is between 1.05 and 1.10, which makes the stone look bigger.

Dallas women love Princess Cut engagement rings because they are beautiful and have unique designs. Many contemporary brides are boldly displaying their traditional taste. Princess cut engagement ring is a fantastic option. If a princess receives a diamond cut, she would be ecstatic!

Think about what modern brides like about this Princess cut engagement ring.

Why should I choose a princess diamond?

Brides today are selective about what they want and need. So, your man needs to know what kind of jewelry you like. For example, many women like Princess cut stones because they have the best parts of different cuts in one style.

Here are other reasons for the Princess cut engagement ring’s popularity:

  • Princess cut diamonds are more stylish and modern than brilliant round diamonds.

With a Princess cut, flaws in the setting are easy to hide. In addition, the stone’s ability to scatter light in all directions makes flaws less obvious.

 Where can I buy an Amazing Princess cut engagement ring in Dallas?

Square diamonds with many facets make up the princess cut; We offer the princess cut, as a popular engagement ring choice. Due to its unique shape and brilliant brilliance.

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One of a kind Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement is nothing without a Ring! With so many options, prospective grooms may feel overwhelmed. Different cuts and styles are sparkling everywhere. As a result, oval engagement rings are trending among grooms. Oval engagement rings are one of the most sold today because they look beautiful and shiny.

The mystique surrounding the “oval” diamond is as enthralling as the stone itself. A Russian diamond cutter polished and expanded the standard of a round diamond in the 1960s. Lazare Kaplan worked as a jeweler. He could make even imperfect diamonds look valuable.

Despite Kaplan’s cutting ability, he was not popular. It wasn’t until he invented the classic modern oval cut that things changed. As a result, the oval-shaped diamond is well-known for its beauty.

Sparkling Engagement Ring  for Your Future Bride

Oval diamonds look best engagement rings than round ones. Even though they have equal carat weight, oval diamonds have become more famous. For example, a 1.00-carat oval diamond is 10% larger than a 1.00-carat round diamond. The stunning oval engagement rings are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very alluring.

Oval cut rings blend the timeless elegance of a round cut. A princess cut’s royal flair creates a ring fit for your soon-to-be bride. The wearer deserves an oval engagement ring’s uniqueness, elegance, and brilliance. The great ring and the man of her dreams will make the future bride happy.

 Buying Tips

  • There are many different ways to cut an oval diamond. It changes depending on what you choose. The ratio of an excellent oval-cut diamond is between 1.30 and 1.50.
  • Choose a stone with good polish and shape to get a brilliant shine—for example, oval diamonds with a depth percentage between 58 and 62%. The ideal also has a table percentage between 53% and 63%.
  • Choose a store that has a good name. Make sure you have an actual engagement ring from a reputable jewelry store.

Final Say

There’s no doubt about how much oval-cut diamond engagement rings are worth. Oval engagement rings have become more prevalent in recent years. Women with long, thin fingers look beautiful with oval-cut diamond rings. Many jewelry stores are perfect for specific needs. Unique and expensive jewelry might not be available online. So, going to the stores you like could give you more choices that match your desires.

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The Best Sparkling Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings in Texas

A Pear-shaped diamond ring is the most romantic diamond present. Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with a 69-carat pear-shaped diamond. A tear diamond is another name for a Pear-shaped diamond. Many believe that these jewels symbolize joyful or bridal tears. Thus, it became acceptable as an engagement ring option. Because the Pear shape is unique, it often shows that the person who wears it has a strong will, is self-sufficient, and has their style.

Diamonds with a Pear shape are hybrids of the brilliant round and emerald cut.  Every stone in a Pear-shaped engagement ring is different. Many people also feel it has spiritual significance because of its long history. Whatever the story behind it, a Pear-shaped engagement ring is a good investment.

Everyone Wants A Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Pendants and earrings featuring Pear shaped diamonds are trendy. It is because of the stones’ unique, asymmetrical shape. Additionally, it evolved into the perfect engagement ring diamond. You can find Pear shaped diamond rings in contemporary and ancient jewelry shops.

Setting an old Pear-shaped stone in a modern halo mounting is one of the more modern ways to use it. Not only does it look modern, but the halo also highlights the diamond. Also, many jewelers choose a matching Pear-shaped diamond or a gorgeous colored stone. As a result, it creates a “bypass” ring. It is where the point of one stone fit into the round belly of the other stone.

Where Can I Buy the Beautiful Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings?

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The Best Brilliant Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in Dallas

Cushion-cut diamonds feature square or rectangular faces and rounded corners. Since its origins more than 200 years ago, the Cushion cut diamond has increased in popularity and attractiveness. The style was also known as “pillow cut” because it resembled a pillow. Experts say this stone shape is for women who understand that their past shapes their future. But never too scared to take it.

At the same time, Cushion cut engagement rings are the most common ring forms worldwide. It is popular among grooms due to its rounded corners, which give it a vintage appearance.

Characteristics of Cushion Diamond

The first diamond cutting techniques are where the Cushion cut started. Despite how old it is, discerning diamond collectors are once again favoring it. Besides, some people called the Cushion cut an “old new classic.” So, let’s discover how this is accurate with its characteristics.

  • The cushion cut has a lovely glow because these diamonds are softer than other cuts. You may choose rings with more facets in this cut for a shinier appearance. Symmetry is essential. Assemble the four corners as closely as possible.
  • The cushion cut has excellent color quality. Consider any of these options if you’re an unconventional bride. For example, suppose you are looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Yellow, blue, or pink Cushion, cut diamonds are stunning.
  • The cushion cut is also an excellent match for brides who like the look of the old days. Even in some modern settings, these diamonds still look great.
  • The rounded edges make the ring look great in white gold, platinum, mixed metals, and rose gold.

Sparkling Cushion  Diamonds

Sparkling Diamonds is the place to go in Dallas when planning to buy an engagement ring. There are many Cushion, cut engagement rings to choose from in this reputable jewelry store. You will find the perfect ring to start your marriage. Your Cushion diamond-cut engagement ring will always remind you of the best times in your life. We have a vast selection of engagement rings and other jewelry too.

So, let’s talk and plan your once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Then, give an excellent surprise for your future wife. Diamond cut that doesn’t have any flaws!